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Sandnes Garn, Pattern Book, DIY, 2210

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In this collection, we have good basic garments for your wardrobe. It`s designed with various techniques, constructions, and degrees of difficulty.

Most is worked from top-down, but we also have something worked from hem-up as well. Marley Sweater, comes in two different thicknesses and tensions, Must Have Beanie too. Pick the expression you prefer.

Brooklyn Weekend Sweater is the seasons coziest sweater, easy to knit, and also for beginners.

Malou Blouse and dress, have a well constructed, delicate neck construction and saddle shoulder. The fit and details are inspired by historic undergarments.

Juniper Dress is just as cool with sneakers as with bare feet, and pants under. It gives the
possibility for endless color combinations, that will change the look completely from the one you see in the collection.

You can work Iben Sweater from both top-down and hem-up. If you work it from hem-up it's the decreases that makes the lines in the yoke. If you knit it from top-down it's the increases that makes the lines.

The collection consists of well constructed garments with a long last, where everything is easy to style up or down. There is something for both the experienced and the beginners. Hope you`re inspired.

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